Cookie Management Charter

January 2021


This Cookie Management Charter is for users of the website (hereinafter the “WEBSITE”), namely anyone who accesses and browses the WEBSITE, and in particular Users registered on the WEBSITE or visitors.

By continuing to browse our website, you consent to us placing all of the cookies described below on your terminal. However, you can withdraw your consent at any time and REFUSE the placement of such cookies. 

Find out more about cookies, how they function and how to block them

 In the event of a translation of these general terms and conditions into one or more languages, the language of interpretation shall be French in the event of a contradiction or dispute as to the meaning of a term or provision.


MAGIC STAY is a French simplified joint stock company (société par actions simplifiée), with share capital of 2,097,806 euros, located at 7 avenue Michel Chevalier, ZI Les Bois de Grasse – 06130 GRASSE, and registered with the GRASSE Trade & Companies Register under Number795 128 248. MAGIC STAY is a specialist in the travel agency industry and operates the WEBSITE (hereinafter “MAGIC STAY” or “We”). 


A cookie is a small text file placed onto your terminal’s hard disk when you visit a website. It records information about your browsing activity and your online behaviour which lets us improve and facilitate your online experience.


The cookies used on the WEBSITE are used to distinguish you in order to improve your browsing experience and the services we offer you.

In practice, technical cookies let us authenticate and identify you and speed up your browsing experience on our website as well as access to its different functionalities.   Where appropriate, they can save your preferences and measure the different uses of the WEBSITE.

Other audience measuring cookies and tracking cookies can help us produce audience statistics for our website so that we can improve, making it even easier for you to visit our website and offering you targeted promotional and advertising offers based on your browsing behaviour.


 MAGIC STAY values transparency regarding the processing of your personal data. For this reason, and so that you have the clearest possible information, you will find below the different cookies used on the WEBSITE and their purpose.

4.1   First-party cookies

4.1.1. Functional and technical cookieswhich mostly improve your browsing experience on the WEBSITE. These are the cookies that send information to our WEBSITE and your browser: they memorise form information (username, address), your terminal's display preferences (language, resolution), security measures such as the expiry of your session, etc.  

Please note, if you disable these cookies, it may adversely affect your WEBSITE browsing experience and/or the use of certain functionalities.

4.1.2. The technical cookies for statistics and measuring the WEBSITE audience help us gain a better understanding of the use made of the WEBSITE and offer you high-quality services..

4.2  Third-party cookies

When you visit the WEBSITE, partner companies may install cookies on your terminal. 

Each partner company has its own data protection policies and MAGIC STAY has no control over the use of cookies and other tracers issued by these third-party companies. We invite you to check with these third-party companies to learn more about the possible settings for the confidentiality of your account. 

The use of such cookies is subject to the same restrictions on personal data protection established by the French Data Protection Act.  You can disable these third-party cookies only or at the same time as ours in your browser settings. In particular, there are:

4.2.1.Cookies connected with advertising operations:These cookies are used by advertising providers on the WEBSITE. 

They are used for identifying services viewed or purchased and help customise advertising. The cookies contained in the advertisements are used to provide information and statistics on the relevance of the advertising (number of users clicking on the advertisement, number of times it is displayed, etc.)

(a)   Google

MAGIC STAY informs you that it uses the services of Google Analytics to measure the WEBSITE’s audience. You can refuse to have your browsing on the WEBSITE monitored by the Google Analytics tool by downloading the Google Analytics Opt-out Browser add-on for your current browser on the WEBSITE from the following address:

(b)   Miscellaneous third-party cookies

Some cookies we issue are provided by third party providers and partners.

Cookie type

Means of desactivation

Analytical and performance cookies

Clarity, Hotjar, Google Analytics

Tracking booking cookies

Expat, Nestpick, Trovit

4.2.2. Cookies connected with social networks : Within certain pages of the WEBSITE, we include software applications which are used for sharing the WEBSITE content in real time with other people. This is particularly the case with the “Share”, “Like” and “+1” buttons, etc. on social networks.  

Please note that any social network can identify you or keep track of your browsing using one of these buttons even if you have not clicked on it, from the time your session is open in your browser. Each social network has its own data protection policies and MAGIC STAY has no control over the use of cookies and other trackers issued by third parties.  We suggest you refer to these social networks to find out more about the setting options with regard to the confidentiality of your account (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, etc.).

Cookie type

Means of desactivation

Cookies connected with social network

Twitter, Linked In, Facebook, Sharethis



The browser software on your computers, Smartphones and other terminals with Internet access accepts cookies on websites by default.

However, you are still in control of these cookies because you can configure your browser software to:

-       Accept or refuse the cookies on the WEBSITE

-       Systematically refuse all cookies

-       Ask for your consent for each cookie you meet when browsing the Internet.

To do so, simply refer to your browser software and follow its instructions. For example: 

-       With Internet Explorer™:Tools menu  / Internet Options /Privacy tab / choose the required level

-       With Firefox™: Tools menu / Options / Privacy tab / choose the required options

-       With Chrome™:  settings menu (settings logo) / Settings / Advanced settings / Content settings / Choose the required options

-       With Safari™: Safari (settings logo) / Preferences / Security / Display cookies / Choose the required options

-       With Opera™: Tools menu / Preferences / Advanced tab / Cookies section / Manage cookies / Choose the required options

As previously mentioned, if you choose to block our cookies, we should inform you that it may adversely affect your WEBSITE browsing experience and/or the use of certain functionalities. In any case, if you choose to delete all cookies, your user experience will be severely affected and your browsing preferences will be deleted.


By browsing this WEBSITE, you consent to MAGIC STAY installing so-called “technical” cookies which access, log and view information stored on your terminal equipment:

-       Only used to allow or facilitate electronic communication

-       Strictly necessary for providing the WEBSITE’s online communication service.

When you registered onthe WEBSITE, you were also informed that there are tracking cookies for, in particular, making you offers tailored to your interests and compiling visitor statistics, and of the option of blocking them by accessing this Cookie Management Charter.

In any event, you are informed of the purposes for which your data are collected by us via the different online data collection forms, your customer account or via our Confidentiality Policy.

If your browser allows you to, you can disable these cookies at any time by following the procedure specified by said browser. However, MAGIC STAY advises you that disabling the cookies may result in slowing down and/or disrupting access to the WEBSITE.



In accordance with the French Data Protection Act and with the GDPR, you have the following rights:

      The right to access (Article 15 GDPR), rectify (Article 16 GDPR), update and complete your data (find out more)

      The right to block or erase your personal data (Article 17 GDPR), when they are inexact, incomplete, ambiguous, no longer valid or if their collection, use, communication or retention is prohibited (find out more)

     The right to withdraw your consent at any time (Article 13-2c GDPR)

     The right to restrict the processing of your data (Article 18 GDPR

     The right to object to the processing of your data (Article 21 GDPR) (find out more

     The right to data portability for the data you have provided us with, when your data are subject to automated processing based upon your consent or upon a contract (Article 20 GDPR)

     The right to define the fate of your data after your death and to choose whether or not we communicate your data to a third party previously designated by you (find out more).

In the event of your death and failing instructions from you, we undertake to destroy your data, unless they need to be retained for purposes of proof or to fulfil a legal obligation.

You may exercise your rights in any of the following ways:

     Either by email, at

     Or by post to MAGIC STAY, 7, avenue Michel Chevalier, ZI Les Bois de Grasse – 06130 GRASSE. 

Furthermore, if your Internet browser allows you to, you can disable these cookies at any time by referring to the procedures detailed above.

To find out more about how we manage your personal data, please refer to our Confidentiality Policy.


In any event, the information stored on your terminal (e.g. cookies) or any other element used to identify you for the purposes of audience statistics are not retained beyond a period of thirty-six (36) months]. After this period, the raw visitor data associated with a username are either deleted or anonymised.

To find out more about cookies (how to manage them, delete them and identify them), consult the French Data Protection Authority (CNIL) website: