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Le rendez-vous des Tendances Déco, Loisir, Bien-Être, Cultures du Monde, Gastronomie et la 1ère Offre d’Europe pour l’Aménagement de votre maison

MagicStay offers a good range of accommodation in Paris for the next FOIRE DE PARIS, which will take place at Porte de Versailles, in Paris from April 29th to May 8th, 2016.

Since its first sessionin 1917, the PARIS FAIR has always been a great success with its loyal visitors and its various exhibitors. This event gathers all the current trendy areas such as gastronomy, housing, innovations and shopping.

With a 228,000 m2 park, this event offers its audience a great satisfaction through its various products and its various activities. In this edition 2016, there will be two nights until 22h specially dedicated to La Nuit du Carnaval. Tropical on May 3th and 6th. During the day, time will be set aside every day to reveal the Creole and Polynesian gastronomy and pastry then a demonstration with top chefs. Apart from that, the 300 DIY or Makers faire Paris will take part of this event where they will make different workshops: origami, soldering « Baptêmes des Makers », art, astronomy, science, démontrations of their own creations.

Like every year, the PARIS FAIR offers the Innovation Award for appliances and smart home. The very famous PARIS INTERNATIONAL LEPINE CONTEST is keenly expected as well ; where young handymen and new designers will have the opportunity to showcase their own innovations and creations.

The previous year, the event attracted 563,500 visitors and 3500 active exhibitors ..

Of course, an event of this magnitude leads to certain constraints for the participants. Accommodation is one of those constraints and to remedy the situation, MagicStay offers accommodation of 1 to 5 stars near the exhibition center: apartments, studios, with competitive prices. many housing from 1 to 5 stars close to the exhibition center: apartments, studios in preferential rates.

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