1 room (max 3 people)
Elegantly designed Bauhaus apartment with balcony.
4 minutes walk to the beach! This charming apartment has all the attributes of a warm and comfortable home with a sunny balcony overlooking the city for a picturesque view.

Complete with all the necessary amenities, you will undoubtedly immediately feel at home with the Bauhaus apartment. It provides a modern home complete with standard comforts that you can easily enjoy like TV and Wi-Fi.

The apartment is also decorated with beautiful furniture, a bright atmosphere and white tiled floors for a neat and lively atmosphere.

The warm and inviting atmosphere of the apartment and its contemporary design are complemented by a fully integrated kitchen with its own set of utensils and a balcony that would undoubtedly be a perfect place for your breakfast and coffee or whenever you want to dine outdoors.

The Bauhaus apartment is an ideal option for those looking for a beautiful open apartment with a view spectacular on a lively place full of life. Located in the heart of Tel Aviv, the Bauhaus apartment is set in a well-maintained building with excellent views of Ben Yehuda Street from its sunny balcony. It is truly an amazing place to enjoy and discover the life of the city.

It is one of the liveliest cities in Israel and it crosses the street of dizengoff where you can easily find a wide variety of shopping choices ranging from clothes to jewelry!

The area also hosts catchy music of all kinds of traveling musicians, as well as quaint cafes, terraces and shops.

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